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Wierd behaviour while receiving texts after number porting from three to vodafone

2: Seeker

I have recently got my number ported from Three to Vodafone. I was first with Lycamobile, then ported to Three and now ported to Vodafone.

Now a wierd behaviour is happening. 

Texts from one single lycamobile number is coming to be from different random numbers instead of the lycamobile number from where the texts originated. Every text is coming from random numbers. Have called few of those random numbers and all of them are going to O2 voice mail.

Vodafone Porting team and tech support team are confused and have no clue. i hear this is the first time they are hearing something like this.

Its been 4 days since porting, and still the texts from that one lycamobile number is coming from random numbers.

Tried everything including changing the source and the destination phones, deleted the contacts on the source and the destination phones, network reset, cleared all the message threads from that number and nothing seems to work.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @SMS2021 


With this being just one number it's going to be difficult to find the reason. 


I would put this down to a call routing issue between Lycamobile, Three and Vodafone, where incoming calls/texts are not being routed correctly to show their correct identity.   Lycamobile piggybacks of the O2 network and with these being O2 numbers this is probably the first place to start the investigations.


This is going to be something for the person who is sending the texts to take this up with Lycamobile, with it being the senders number, Lycamobile will need to look closely at the call routing to find where the error is occurring in the data base.


Fortunately, this won't be a Vodafone or porting issue for your number, all other numbers and texts incoming and outgoing are working correctly.  Hopefully, Lycamobile can find what is happening to their customers number.

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