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my website is blocked by securenet

4: Newbie

Hi, team. 

my website is blocked by Securenet for no reason. 

It's not even launched yet and still being work in progress. And it's simple dating website. Did it block it just by keyword auto matching or something?


4: Newbie

can somebody also help our website, ?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @benevbright - I've raised this to be reviewed by our Support teams. One of us will come back to you here as soon as there's an update. This is logged under reference INC000005075921.

Hi Gemma. Thanks. Looking forward to be resolved. I see tons of false block from other’s posts too. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @benevbright, we've received an update from our team and your site's been reclassified as 'dating', and will no longer be restricted be secure net. This change may take up to 24 hours to complete. If your users are still experiencing issues after this time, be sure to let us know.

hi @Mark @Gemma I need you help again. 

Meanwhile, I bought another domain due to the block. My app is very normal dating app. 

the new domain is (old one is and now the new one is also blocked. It seems like SecureNet just blocks them by just looking at the keyword "date" on the URL. This is really not good for people who want to run a service. Who just blindly blocks services just because there is "date" keyword in URL?

Could you please unblock my new domain? 

Hello again @benevbrightI've raised the new URL in question to be reviewed under the reference number INC000005080482. We'll let you know as soon as there's an update, so do keep your eyes peeled. 

Hi @benevbright. Our Network Team have reviewed and reclassified the URL in question as 'Datings'. Please clear your browsers cache and cookies before trying again.


hi @Lucy_F Thanks. looks fine now!

@benevbright  Thanks for letting us know! Glad that it's sorted for you. 

If you need anything else, please let us know.