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Books - into the Cloud

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Google Play Books - Android App


E-Books are becoming more and more popular, it’s just so convenient to carry digital books with you at all times.

Everyone knows about Kindle, it’s a fantastic resource for buying books of all types and sync’s effortlessly across all platforms.


What about books you don’t buy from the Kindle Book Store? More and more places and people are selling Books themselves either in ePub format and more increasingly in PDF format.


I recently wrote some content for the Forum about my Hobby involving Digital Art. If you’ve not seen it, you can read it HERE


I am a self taught Artist, so I rely heavily on consuming large volumes of reference material and “How to” Books, much of this material comes in PDF format.

This leaves me with an issue of how to access this material on different devices without having to load the same content over and over again, using up valuable storage capacity. (not all devices have external capacity)


Play_Books.pngEnter…. “Google Play Books”  Link to Play Store

This is a Free App that can manage ALL your Books, synchronise across All Android devices and also allow “Offline” reading too!



How do i get my PDF and ePub Books into Google play Books?


First things first… You will obviously need a Google Account; make sure you are signed into the account on your PC/Laptop


Upload PDF & EPUB files


Tip: It’s easier to upload a file on your computer rather than your Android device.


To upload files on your computer (Best way in my opinion):

  1. Go to Google Play Books. Google Play Books - Manage Books
  2. Near the top right of your screen, click Upload files.
  3. Find the PDF or EPUB file you want to upload and click Select.
  4. Files will appear in your Uploads library.

To upload files on your Android device:

  1. Open the Google Play Books app.
  2. Touch the Menu > Settings > Enable PDF uploading.
  3. Exit the app.
  4. Download a PDF or EPUB file on your device and tap on the file, choose option: Upload to Play Books.

You can see all files you uploaded at My Library > Uploads.


Just some of my uploads… :smileywink:

Google Books - Uploads.jpg




Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

This is a great guide @thesoupdragon .


Quick question, I notice what look like Manga in the bottom right hand corner of your picture. I'm a bit of a consumer of Graphic Novels and Manga but I've yet to find a decent viewer for them online. Any recomendations?

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion
You have a keen eye Sir...

It's another how to draw book I'm afraid, by Mark Crilly.
Probably one of the best Western Manga artist around.

Actually I'm very new to manga, I've just recently acquired Netflix and started to watch some of the animé they have on there.
I just finished watching Sword Art Online. That was awesome, great story line and amazing artwork.

What should I watch next, any recommendations

I haven't actually read any manga "comics" yet but I think I should...?
I see on the Play Store there are many readers that search for content for you as well.
I've been told you need a reader that can read right to left as well...? That will be weird!

Sorry I don't have any recommendations for you but if you find a good reader let me know too pls 🙂

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Ahh, ok. I try to keep up to date a few manga but I'm starting to run out of space to house them. For example, one of the titles I'm reading, Bleach, is currently at 66 volumes and still growing. At some point I'd like to read One Piece as well and thats in the 70s and it's not finished yet.  This is the main reason I'm looking at getting some sort of reader for my devices. 


As for Anime on Netflix, there are a few choices I could recommend.


Death note - A very intense psychological thriller with some supernatural tones thrown in.

Attack on Titan - Currently very popular, giant fighting action series.

Fullmetal Aclhemist - Exceptionally well put together action anime.

Gurren Lagann - Completely over the top Mecha show.