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how unblock a website from vodafone???

my website ( is blocked by vodafone, what to do??my friend says i need to buy another connection and submit it on this,, i don't know what to do

unable to retrieve old SMS

I went to replace my sim card after it went missing. i was asked to wait for 3 days before i can receive sms notification. During that wait period i received some sms which are of importance to me. How can i get those sms now. Thank you

Atingane by 2: Seeker
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Who to contact regarding credit report issues?

I was wondering if someone could help. A default has appeared on my credit report from Vodafone for £48 which I suspect is from years ago. Since I last dealt with Vodafone my surname and address have changed. When I try and speak to someone on live c...

Veryme rewards- speaking to an advisor

Hi, I need to contact Veryme rewards, my chat on the app is stuck even after resetting it so that isn’t an option.I won a prize that expired before it should have, as it was activated before I’d even won it!! I was told I’d receive a call about it bu...

Bex54321 by 3: Seeker
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Please for my sanity can somebody help me.I set up a standing order and a month ago I found out I had missed a digit from the reference number, I have made 34 monthly payments at this point.I need to contact somebody who deals with old fa...

UK Call Centres

Hi.Can anyone tell me if Vodafone have UK based call centres or a UK based online chat team?I have been trying to get some help with my Vodafone broadband but the service I've received from the India based centre has been beyond awful.They are clearl...

Jeeva1 by 3: Seeker
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Data usage

Vodafone app shows I have 0.00 gb of 3gb data left, essentailly saying I have no data left. When I check my data usage on my phone it shows I've only used 768mb of my 3gb limit. Any thoughts why Vodafone thinks I've used it all? Thanks 

Dazoll by 2: Seeker
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