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Off topic

Customer Service Feedback

1: Seeker

I just wanted to give good feedback to Emmanuel from the Victoria station store. He resolved the issue with my mobile data on my new subscription in under one minute. Hope he gets rewarded for this mention, he's very good at what he does.


Also, shame on Vodafone for making it nigh impossible to give good targeted feedback to staff.



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17: Community Champion

It's nice to read good feedback in regards to service given by an agent or Vodafone High street Stores employee. 

I'm sure the Social Media Team here who read all will pass this up the chain. 



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1: Seeker

id like to find somewhere to give positive feedback to a gentleman called Joe from ealing store in london on the vodafone customer service team who has just helped me immensely and was also a pleasure to talk to. does anyone know how i can do this? i want him to be recognised for doing such a brilliant job, and actually changing my mind about vodafone, especially considering all the bad publicity thats currently all over the news

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17: Community Champion

@supersixtwo and @Syed1233, I'm sure the eForum team will be more than happy to pass the feedback onto the managers of the stores you've mentioned.


As @BandOfBrothers said, it's always great to hear positive feedback :Thumbs_Up:

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@supersixtwo @Syed1233 We really appreciate the feedback you've provided for both Emmanuel and Joe :Smiling:
I've sent this over to the stores so that the advisers can get the praise they deserve.
If there's ever anything else you need help with, please let us know.

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