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Off topic

Customer service

2: Seeker

I would like to give some feedback from my experience today. 

I went to the Bury store in the mall as I required an upgrade early due to my phone being broken.  As I was required to pay an exit fee whilst in store I needed to call customer services to pay the exit fee. The initial agent who dealt with the call appeared to be interested in primarily in sales I had visited the store as I required the phone same day which she advised was not possible and gave some unclear explanation as to why this was.. She also tried to offer me more data than I clearly stated I would use and there was little explanation of deals. The price she gave included an early exit fee, upfront cost for the phone and in excess 40 per month bill. I was then placed on hold for a long period of time. Luckily at this point my battery died on my phone.

The member of staff in the shop allowed me to use a charger where I managed to callback and what a different experience!  The agent I spoke to managed to get the upgrade and upfront cost removed and contract for under 40. Furthermore he was polite and efficient and kept me updated whilst on hold. I would be greatful if you could provide feedback to him. Also during my time in the store Debbie the member of staff helped me with all my queries  tried to keep my 4 year old daughter entertained and I even left the store with great deals on insurance and a tablet.. It would be great if someone could pass some recognition on to Debbie. Myself and daughter even went back with a cake for her. 

As a result of my phone cutting out i left today still a Vodafone customer and impressed with the last 2 staff I dealt with.  Had I only spoke to the lady in the initial call I would have been extremely disappointed with Vodafone. 

Bit of a lengthy post but I felt it was important to give the feedback in this instance  






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17: Community Champion

Unfortunately it can be a different experience when speaking to different agents. 

In an ideal world they'd all be singing from the same hymn sheet !

It's fantastic to hear the second agent coupled with the employee in the store tended to your wants and needs and restored faith back in the service and products. 

I'm sure the Vodafone Social Media Team here will pass on your feedback once they've caught up with your thread. 

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I'm glad to hear the second adviser on the phone and Debbie in store were able to resolve things for you @Carolinew81. We'd love to pass on your feedback to their relevant departments.
We also want to internally investigate the call you had with the first adviser and ensure this is fed back. This will help us to ensure that any training that may be needed is carried out.

So we can do this, please get in touch with us via the details I've sent in the private message you'll receive shortly. I'm glad that we were able to turn things around for you 

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