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Experian Credit Score

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2: Seeker

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I forgot to pay one Vodafone bill, and they sent me a reminder. Unfortunately, when the payment was settled, it reached Experian, damaging my credit score. To this day, it seems that the negative impact on my score is due to that missed payment. Could you please assist me in communicating with Experian to inform them that the payment was successfully made so they can restore my credit score?



Hey @Rob2021 I hope you are doing well! I can absolutely appreciate how concerning this must be. If you received a late payment marker or default against your credit file due to the missed/ late payment, this mark will stay on your credit file for 6 years and we won't be able to have it removed. This is because we legally have to provide a true and accurate reflection of your payment history with us.

I understand and fully acknowledge my responsibilities in this matter. However, during the Covid period, I faced financial difficulties, and most phone companies were offering assistance to those in need. Surprisingly, Vodafone didn't extend any help to me; instead, they promptly transferred my unpaid bill to debt collectors without even contacting me to verify my situation. I'm determined to seek rectification for this injustice and will utilize all available resources to ensure a resolution from Vodafone.

I certainly understand that @Rob2021 and I know many people suffered financially during the pandemic so we were supporting customers in as many ways as we could at the time. You can speak to the Social Media Team here and they can liaise with the Credit File team for you to see if the markers can be removed, however as you have advised that we did send you a reminder (in your initial post) I can't guarantee if the team will remove the marker or not.