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Fake Vodafone Calls

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

There has been a spate of Hox Vodafone Calls

People saying there from Vodafone when there not ...

I had one Yesturday 

So I asked Him a Phew questions and he did not no and hung up!!!!


And Today i Had another this time it was Vodafone Asking the same For My Address and Date Of Birth and My Full Security Code,

Be warned This is Dangerious and Vodafine need to sort this....


When I asked the same questions and explained why to the last she could not grasp why so i told her, She eventually passed 


This is what you need to do 


1. Confirm Your First line of Your Address ( Safe to do that and ok to do )

2. Only Confirm the model Of your Phone 


Then ask them to Tell you Your Post Code and Date of Birth Then you No Its Vodafone 


The Next Is Not a Racist Coment in any way But make sure they can speak good English 


Also The Number is a Full Number Starting with 0808 Any Private number Hang up


Vodafone has a option were now they have to give you a password that you set up which helps so you no its them 


So When they phone Check there Details as well 


and Be Carefull


13: Advanced Member

Nice one Ndj, a few sensible points in there :smileyhappy:

Community Champion (Retired)
Community Champion (Retired)

Or just follow the rule of never giving out any details to someone who cold calls you,



Note I do not work for voda, My advice comes from experience and my opinions are my own


Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)
Do you have the whole number NDJ? I'll get someone to look into it as a priority...

The first one was with Held then Later in the Day it was 08080600702 That was From Vodafone But she asked the same Questions My address and date of birth and when i asked her to confirm my email she got it wroung 

The bad Guys now the script and how Vodafone do things 

The password Idea is a good one were You set a password up that they have to give you First I have done this 


So If it does not show a Number Be warned It may not be Vodafone !!!

Thanks for Your Help here Tom But i think The Promo Team Need to change there script when phoning up 

thanks !:smileysurprised:

"Or just follow the rule of never giving out any details to someone who cold calls you,"


Exactly, the simplest and most effective advice.  I don't understand it when companies phone me then ask for my security questions and then are surprised when I won't give them all the information that would be required to access my account, Vodafone are certainly guilty of this in the past although I don't know if they're better at the moment.  I was impressed with Egg who called me to say they suspected fraud on my account and to phone them back on the number on my Egg card, no asking for my security details nor giving me a number which could have been potentially false itself.



Knowledge is power, guard it well

3: Seeker
3: Seeker
I too got a call from 01706 398645 today asking my account number and sort code. When I reasoned why they need these details she hung up

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Here's a list of the numbers Vodafone may call from.   That doesn't seem to be one of them.


The irony is that even a genuine call needs to know they're talking to the owner of the phone (and therefore the account holder) and not someone who's picked it up.  They therefore need to ask some security questions which it's sensible not to give to a cold caller.


One way round it is to set up a PIN, so that the caller can ask for two digits of it.  However, beware of getting another call a few days later that asks for the other two digits.  If it's a scam, they now have the whole PIN!

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I had a scam call this morning asking if I’d had any issues with line quality, then offering me a discount of 25-30%.  I’m pretty sure it was a scam.