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Off topic

Ghostbusters 2016.

17: Community Champion

Looking pretty good for a remake going by the clip. 









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4: Newbie
I enjoyed the original, haven't looked at trailer for the new one yet but really hope marshmallow man is in it! Slime bound to be in it! He's gotta be the cutest greenest ghost ive ever seen and yoy can't have ghost busters without him! Think a trip to cinema will soon be in order
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17: Community Champion

This one is getting so much hate on the internet Apparently it's now been voted 'most disliked movie trailer' on YouTube.


I'm a massive Ghostbusters fan and loved the original, the cartoons and so on. The 1984 version was classed as a comedy but much of the humour was subtle and came from the peronalities of the lead characters (Bill Murray as the sarcastic womaniser, Harold Ramis' deadpan, Dan Aykroyd as the over-excited man child...)


Looking at the trailer for the remake the comedy feels much more forced (slap-stick, sitcom, sketch show etc).


I'll still give it a go out of curiosity. If it turns out to be terrible then there's always the originals to go back to.

Vodafone customer since 2004. Attempting to help where I can on the Community

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