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Off topic of what ? The actual topic? Or something completely different?

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What an ignorant sub forum name, 'Off topic'. Sorry about that.

All the posts i am seeing in here, are a reverse of what i should be seeing?
Its all totally on topic though, and a shame 99% of them are not getting answered all because Tobi didnt pass his f in exams. He failed on his study and didnt take anything serious. It was a total joke to him.  What a waste of the governments money.

Is this supposed to be a sub forum that doesnt have anything to do with Vodafones customers problems?  I have one too.
All the categories in here all seem to blend into the same thing.  Peoples problems and issues which never get answered.


This has just made me even more confused as to where i should be posting the query i have.

Thanks in advance 🙂


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

If you can elaborate as to what your query is we can certainly help you @Pluginz and advise.

We do try to ensure posts created in the wrong section are moved and try to ensure as many posts are replied to as possible.

As far as I can see most of the posts in this and other sections are answered.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Respect to you dude , youre a good bloke, thank you 🙂

Okies i'll try and start at the beginning. Its mainly about the two accounts i have on here. One for 'My Vodafone', and the other is the community forum account.

First questions are, why on earth does the same user have to create two accounts to able to view your bills, and the other, to post forum questions?
This alone is causing me alot of problems with 'cookies' and logging in to two accounts at the same time. You simply cant.

Major factor in this problem, is why cant you log out of the 'My Vodafone' account?  There is no log out option or button to select this. This is a security breach. Ive never ever seen this on any forum in all my life. There must be a log out button somewhere? Or am i missing something? 
This in turn, is causing problems.  You can login, but you cant log out, thats wrong.  What did the teacher tell you to always do when youve finished using a website. Log out, yes 

The last 5 evenings i havnt been able to log in to 'My Vodafone', because the browser is storing cookies, from the community forum login.
The other major factor in all this, is mainly because Vodafone persist to use, 3rd party DNS services, and you cant log in to either correct account, unless you allow ALL cookies. This is wrong and a major privacy breach. 3rd party cookies are near as damn it, tracking cookies.

This website is called, so these are the only cookies i expect to see on my machine, and nothing more.

Im sick of junk on my machine.  Especially from 3rd party cookies from websites i have no reason to deal with.  Sometimes theyre really difficult to flush out.  Meaning a reset of the router/phone, clear ya cache, clear everything out. Restart ya machine. All this, just so i can login again on my other account.

But if you block 3rd party cookies, you cant log in. It wont let you. That is b-o-l-l-o-x.

This has to change.

Cheers again and thanks for your support BOB. 🙂
Sorry for any spelling errors. Not checked back thru post.


Lets talk cookies for a single login to Yeah right, it doesnt exist. Ping vodafone. Its dead 4 cookies 1 cookie 12 cookies 7 cookies 5 cookies 11 cookies 5 cookies


So we've got 45 cookies here for a single login to the genuine domain, which doesnt exist. Cack

As is a completely dead address, which you cant ping. That says it all.


All these cookies are pretty much coming from as thats the address you get when you ping


I dont like your style vodafone. Really driving me away with your persistent complexity of something which is normally logical and straight forward. Youve ruined the internet for mobile customers. Thinking ya clever by manipulating the system and filling peoples machines with crap.

I gotta log out of this crap. 
I dont want to have to allow all cookies, all java, just to log in to this site.. Its just not worth the bother.

Laterz all you tech guys.  

Well i did manage to find the Log out option. In a strange place.  So thats sorted.
I still disagree with the 3rd party cookie setup Vodafone use.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Since I was the person who sugested the name, perhaps I can elaborate.   The idea was for a board for general discussion, but also a place for things that didn't fit easily into any of the more specific categories.   I forget what the previous title was, but it might have been something like "General Discussion".   It was a mild joke, riffing on the "you're off topic, mate" that sometimes appears when someone says something the responder doesn't regard a being a perfect match for what's gone before.  (Such people can be quite vehement in their opinions, while contributing little of real use 🤣)

Thank you. Sorry for the late response.