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Off topic

Positive Feedback

2: Seeker



Went into the Westfield Stradford Store and Rijwana helped me today. She was amazing. 


I thought there was a system in place for feedback with stars and comment boxes but cannot find it. So I will just leave it here :Laughing_Face:


I would give her 10/10 for helpfulness and 10/10 for the service overall.

She was friendly, patient and was able to get everything I wanted done :Laughing_Face: 

I needed my old number back and she got it!! AND she got me on an amazing contract. she was friendly and had a nice chat while everything was being processed AND if a problem came up she just dealt with it. I wouldn't be surprised if she became the face of her store or area. SHE WAS AMAZING!!!


So yeah, if there is an actual way of doing this please say otherwise... TADA!!! this is my feedback


Thanks again


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Thanks for your time in sharing your positive feedback @Jameslemeur, I'm really pleased to hear of the amazing experience you've had in one of our stores. I've forwarded your lovely comments on to the store directly 😊 

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