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Alcatel Pixi 4 ~ My Review.

Alcatel Pixi 4" Android Smartphone.  While my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge phone is having a new display fitted due to a pink vertical line appearing on it I needed a phone to use in the interim. Not wanting to spend a huge amount of funds on a Back Up pho...


Film : The Cell.

I recall reading the Stephen King book 'The Cell'  This film is taken from that book.  From imdb.  "When a mysterious cell phone signal causes apocalyptic chaos, an artist is determined to reunite with his young son in New England." Here is a Trailer...

Budget devices: are they any good?

My wife had been dropping hints some some time about having a tablet of her own.   Not wishing to blow upwards of a couple of hundred quid right now, I’d been looking at cheaper options.   The device would mainly be used for email, Facebook and a bit...

hrym by 17: Community Champion
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Kids - Community Champion

For all those who knew @Kids, it is with sadness that I write this post to inform you that he passed away in the latter part of 2016.  From my interactions with him, I can only speak highly of @Kids as he was such a lovely, caring gentleman.  He help...

drey_p by 16: Advanced member
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Resolved! USB On The Go

Need to use USB OTG, and though Smart Prime 6 has it, it is not powering the device - anyone any ideas?

JLK by 2: Seeker
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