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Tips on How to stop running out of Network Mobile Internet Data.

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Tips on How to Stop running out of Network Mobile Internet Data.


I've recently seen a few threads from members here that have been concerned at how their phone is using their Data Allowance so I thought I'd put together this guide.


Try to use WiFi as frequently as possible.


Close down Apps. Even though you’re not using them all the time apps can still run in the background without you being aware ,and still be using your Mobile Data Allowance.

Android owners can tap the square icon at the bottom of the screen which will show you all that is currently running on your phone. Swipe them away to close them down.


 To see your open apps double tap the Home Button and swipe upwards to close them down.


Windows users please double tap the back arrow button and then tap the X to close those apps down.


Smartphones can choose to update themselves in the background and their applications when they want to. If the phone is connected to WiFi then this will not be an issue, but if this is occurring while on mobile data when your away from WiFi signal then this will use data.


Android: Google Play-Three dots-Settings-Auto-update apps.

iOS: Settings-iTunes & App Store-Automatic Downloads

Windows: Settings-Phone update-Automatically download updates if my data settings allow it


Streaming when you are not connected to WiFi uses large amounts of Data. With Spotify you can lower the streaming quality by going to Settings-Music Quality or save playlists offline, so you can listen to them wherever. Best to stream when on Wifi.


Tethering / Personal hotspot which shares your Data Connection with another device such as a Tablet or LapTop will use your data allowance faster as these other devices are designed to show more rich content on internet pages such as pictures at a higher richer spec.


eMail with pictures and attachments. eMails you receive can come with videos, songs, gifs and images built into them especially by those using that method instead of using the Networks MMS Services. You may be able to de activate this.


Android Users In Gmail you should be asked if you want to ‘Show pictures’ when you open any email. If you do select this Gmail will ask you if you always want to see images from this sender. If not then go to Gmail’s Settings-Select an account-Data usage.


iOS: Settings-Mail, Contacts, Calendars-Turn off Load Remote Images. Or alternatively wait until you’re connected to Wi-Fi before you open these emails with the paperclip icon showing. Windows: You will not be able to download images automatically unless you you tell your phone to. If you do need the full email then navigate to your email client app-Settings- Turn on Always download full message and internet images.


Most people nowadays like to use social media on their smartphones to keep in touch with family and friends. As such you should look out for videos that play automatically on Facebook and Twitter. These will eat your mobile data so please look in the App settings to disable Auto Play or adjust it to play on WiFo Only if possible.


Most Smartphones now have in built Data a Monitors that give you an approximation of what your Data usage is. Some need re setting when your new set of allowances start. Their are Data Monitors / Managers that have warnings that can be set by the user to warn them they are close to a particular Data usage you can also download to help.


Networks have their own Apps to show you what's left available in your allowances. Data usage is at the account holders discretion and should always be self monitored to help stop charges for exceeding an allowance.


Some phones will search out for the strongest available signal so if Wifi signal dips / breaks or the phones screen times out it can latch back onto the Networks signal without the owner noticing. To stop this a person can turn off 'Mobile Data' in the phones settings which will force the phone to stay on WiFi. Remembering to toggle back on Mobile Data when leaving Wifi areas.


Some Browsers such as Google Chrome has a Bandwidth management that helps save Data.


Please feel free to add your own Tips and Best practices



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