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Unable to receive texts from my mum's number

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I am unable to receive text messages from my mum's vodafone phone.  She can send to everyone else except myself.  A little clock keeps appearing next to the text she is trying to send.  Any ideas?  I have checked my phone and her number is not blocked.



Hi @AliHaz, what's the make & model of your mum's phone and what network provider are you with? Is your mum able to make phone calls to your number and receive text messages from yourself? 

We are both with Vodafone. We can receive calls to each other and she can receive texts to me.  Her texts to me do not send. I am the only person that cant receive her texts.


It's a very basic vodafone phone not sure of model 🤔 

It's a strange one @AliHaz! How long has this been happening for and is your mum in the UK? Has your mum recently moved the number over from another supplier or has she been with us a while? 🙂

yes in UK and started last week. Its funny I went into Vodafone shop ad I had a problem with texts and guy in shop did something to my phone said put on 3g as masts were playing up. And since then we have had this problem ...its so strange. My mum has been with you for ages

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for getting back to us @AliHaz - the fact that this has suddenly started happening and it's only your mum's text to you that aren't getting through, would normally point us to the phone settings. 

I can see you've mentioned you haven't blocked her number - I'd recommend restoring both  phones back to their original settings, to make sure nothing in the background is stopping them from reaching you. You can see help on how to this on our online device guides

Please let me know once you've done this and if it fixes it 👍