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Off topic

Vodaphone Religious Music on Hold

3: Seeker

Several times this week I've been on hold to broadband support and had to endure listening to lyrics about butterflies whose wings are dry having faith, God makes no mistakes, have faith.

I'm an atheist. I don't want to be proselytised to. I find this deeply offensive.

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17: Community Champion

Good morning @ForthScot 


The Vodafone Social Media Team's who read all posts on the Community Forum will I'm sure pass your comments back up the chain.

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Hi @ForthScot. I'm in the process of finding out the song itself and I've passed your comments over to our team. The hold music is changed on a monthly basis so will likely differ once we're in July. The music itself is usually what's popular in the charts, rather than having been picked specifically

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3: Seeker

Just because it's in the charts (although I doubt that it is) doesn't make it appropriate.


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