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Off topic

Great customer service

1: Seeker


It's hard to find where to give positive feedback on a team member but I've read that posts on here are monitored so it might be able to be fed back.

I contacted vodafone today (5th Apr 2021) to cancel my contract as I have finished my 24 months. 

Kevin, working from home in Somerset  went above and beyond to help me.  

Explaining pac codes, numbers to contact, looking at my usage and other options available.

Just a total star and really lovely. Not everyone can convey a human touch through chat boxes. Bravo Kevin,



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Hi @ellamary91! Thank you for your post, it's always lovely to hear some good feedback. I'm glad Kevin was able to help you out today 🙂

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2: Seeker

Yes cant agree more with something that you said, customer service is something that is playing a crucial role when it comes to vodafhone but they have to and should increase the overall customer service cost for much better results. A live chat and automation facility can help, Thankss

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2: Seeker

I do not agree

Very Poor Technical team based overseas

Unable to resolve issue

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I'm sorry to hear that the experience you've had has left you feeling like this @Gul33. If you provide us with a few more details about the problems you are having with your service, we'd be happy to take a closer look for you 👍

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