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Off topic

Want to know about Vodafone in details

2: Seeker

We hear a lot about vodafone. But I think nobody knows full details about this. So lets make a discussion on this regards. Actually I just want to know when this has started their journey, who the peoples working behind them, where's the place and everything about vodafone. I think it can broaden our knowledge by knowing something about vodafone. 


Thanks to all for your attention. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @saifu25saif



When I was researching Vodafone Uk I found the Wiki Page very informative. 



We also have a Vodafone Social Media Team here who help and assist people who post for help and support. 


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17: Community Champion

Another good place to start is by reading their annual accounts and all of the blurb that accompanies that document.



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