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Warranty scam

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Samsung Flip 4. Has never been dropped and in a case from day 1.

The screen developed a bright green line down one side.

The Vodafone service centre claim it has physical damage and not covered by warranty. 

I think k this a an easy opt-out for them.

Wanted to charge £320 to repair a fault which is a known fault on Samsung phone.


We're sorry to hear about this @flipdamaged, this isn't the experience we aim to provide. If you pop us over a message via our Social Media Team here, we'll get things looked into. 

Hi @Lucy_F we've had 6 phone calls over 4.5 hours to various Vodafone levels of Customer Service and Resolution Management all of which resulted in zero ownership by the part of Vodafone. We have now received a completely destroyed phone back, I'm not sure what reaching out to Social Media Team would achieve?

I would assume that "we always take great care with customers phone" was the reply.

Mine was returned in a small cardboard box, not much bigger that the phone, with no packaging. 

Good luck. They are not interested 

@flipdamaged I do understand your frustration. As we work the social channels as well as Community, this will allow us to review your account and see what we can do to help find a resolution. You can reach the team via the details here.

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

What annoys me most with Vodafone is that the issue with my phone was a bright green line . This is a known problem with the Samsung AMOLED screen. Why Vodafone did not refer it to Samsung is either neglection or laziness. The audacity to then add damage is what gets me.