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Amazon Underground - Free Apps!

Amazon Underground - Free Apps from a trusted source.     Amazon used to give away one FREE App per day from their Amazon App Store. Amazon have rebranded this service into Amazon Underground with some fantastic bonuses too! Not only can you downloa...

AmazonAppStore.png Screenshot_2015-11-15-15-31-51.png Screenshot_2015-11-15-15-34-30.png

'You never get a second chance to make a first impression'

 Following an unproductive discussion in a Vodaphone shop about their new broadband service yesterday, our home phone rang this morning.“Hello, this is Vodaphone Technical Sales Team in Manchester.  I’m 'Jessica' and I’m calling to answer the questio...

oldbilbo by 1: Seeker
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News : Surveillance bill to include internet records storage.

Internet firms will have to store details of people's online activity for 12 months under a new surveillance law. The requirement is included in the government's draft Investigatory Powers Bill, to be published later. Excerpt from the link "Such data...

Remembrance Sunday 8/11/15.

Remembrance Day, also known as Poppy Day, is on Wednesday, November 11th 2015. Remembrance Sunday 8th November 2015.  Lest We Forget.   

Enjoy your Bonfire Night and Be Safe

Bonfire Night <wiki> Enjoy your activities for tonight wether it's attending an organised event, family get together or staying in where it's nice and warm.  If you have family pets please think about them and keep them inside.  If your having a fami...

Refused credit but you say you have an excellent credit rating?

We see a lot of posts from people asking why Vodafone have declined credit when the person thinks that they have a perfect credit score. As explained on the Experian website lenders look at your credit report but only use that as a guide as to whethe...

kids by Community Champion (Retired)
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Forum broken?

Why can't I post a new thread? Last on returned a 'Can't find the page' error.

Vertego by 4: Newbie
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Lost phone found with a Vodaphone sim card

My dad and his wife traveled from Heathrow airport to Bangkok last week. an iPhone was incorrectly handed from a staff to his spouse at the X-ray check point and she took it thinking that it belonged to my dad (he uses a Samsung whick looks similar f...

Preeyapas by 3: Seeker
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"Vodafone brings inclusive roaming on £30 Big Value Bundle

Impressive stuff from Vodafone Uk.  "Vodafone brings inclusive roaming on £30 Big Value Bundle" Source : Mobile Choice.  Vodafone-brings-inclusive-roaming-on-30-big-value-bundle-. "Vodafone brings inclusive roaming on £30 Big Value BundleVodafone’s e...