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Premium rate scam Barcelona - Vodafone needs to contact me!

There is sadly a huge pickpocketing and robbery problem in Barcelona, and once a mobile is stolen the thief calls a premium rate number quickly generating a bill of £15,000+ for the person who had their phone stolen I have lived in Barcelona on and o...

Vat after employee advantage discount.

Hi, ive recently been looking back at my bills for the past 18 months with vodafone. And ive noticed that i was paying my price plan is correct after the 20% is taken off but then im being charged vat ontop of that is this normal, why would they offe...

Proof of Purchase

Please can you kindly let me know how I can get a proof of purchase. I have tried going on my home page on my vodafone but I can not see it. Pleasae let me know how i can get sent one.

celineot by 2: Seeker
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size of vodafone family

Hello,  I would like to know if the group has to have four or six people or just up to that number.  Thank you.

Resolved! Vodaphone in France

I am going to live in France shortly and have a uk Vodaphone pay monthly phone (£42 pm) I am nervous about the costs of using a UK phone over there. Several questions- Can I transfer my phone onto a vodaphone French Tariff and still pay the bill to V...


18 December 2014 Dear Colleague, BINDING MOBILE COVERAGE DEAL I am writing to inform you that yesterday I signed a landmark, legally binding, deal with the UK’s mobile operators, securing £5bn of investment into infrastructure and committing each of ...

james312 by 5: Helper
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Text Santa

Credit where its due .... Well done to Vodafone for powering ITV's Text Santa Appeal !

steveo67 by 12: Established
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Proof of purchase

Can someone please contact me with my proof of purchase!!! I've emailed the address given by Vodafone support numerous times and had no reply!!!! I need this urgent!!!!!!!

Are Private Messages really private?

Does anyone apart from the sender and recipient have access to the private messages on this system? Can anyone state categorically that all admins and mods have no access to any private messages in which they are directly addressed? Just askin'... DC

DCMS by 4: Newbie
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