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experian credit rating update

I need to contact the Vodafone credit assurance team re a recent error made by them that has resulted in a negative credit rating!Please can somebody tell me how to email / talk to a human being about this!I need them to expedite reversing this negat...

NHanson by 2: Seeker
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Pay outstanding debt

Hi ,I have an outstanding debt from 2014 that I didn't know about but as I'm trying to get a mortgage only now I found out ,how can I pay it ?thanks 

Mauri93 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! How can i stop getting harassed?

Hi i'm looking for some help   i have some screenshots from my phone which will fully explain the problem   (removed due to House Rules) is a small album on imgur the image hosting site   thanks!

jupiter by 1: Seeker
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How can I leave feedback for an employee?

I just received great service from an employee based in your Newcastle call centre and I mistakenly ended the call before I was able to take part in survey to give feedback. I want to ensure the guy who assisted me gets some recognition for his good ...

AubraK by 1: Seeker
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Vodafone issues

Hello. Unfortunately this is a long post, so please bare with me. I have suffered issues with Vodafone when I first moved from EE, but once they had been sorted out, the service/network coverage was very good for my area. So coming to the end of my c...

drb5374 by 2: Seeker
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I need help in a college project

So i'm doing a college project about vodafone and i wanted to know the type of software/s that you use in the HR department

Wedad by 2: Seeker
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Hey! I am new to this forum and wanted to make my self comfortable here. So, hello to everyone.

Dead Link On Quick Links

Hi, Just wanted to report there is a dead link on the quick links here. Premium SMS Bar takes you to a page saying message not found and being archived away. Would it be possible to reintegrate it back on the website? Many thanks,

ReedPR by 8: Helper
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Support Chat

I believe this is very well off topic, but the vodafone chat has been great for me in the past to get in touch with any sort of matters, but it's around 4 days I'm trying to use it without luck. It's either always busy or I'm not getting assigned to ...

r4w by 4: Newbie
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