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Other broadband queries

Broadband supposed ‘upgrade’ that doesn’t deliver

1: Seeker

I requested an upgrade after my broadband account went off plan in July . I specified faster or cheaper or both as a replacement. They signed me up to broadband plus to resolve some dead spot WiFi issues at home. The service didn’t resolve any of these as it is the same speed as before, is more expensive and still has the same dead spots even with the booster. I also was told I could merge accounts broadband to mobile account for an extra £3 per month discount. This isn’t an option either - they now tell me you can only merge mobile to broadband account in that direction. I would like to return to the previous agreement and payments until I find a better solution. How can I achieve this? Call centres have been unhelpful.

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Hey @2tonecarman, If you're in your 14 day cooling of period, you can cancel your current agreement by calling to our Customer services teams on 191 from any Vodafone number. You can also chat to us online about this, once you cancel all your service will be switched back to your previous agreements. If you're outside the 14 day period, pop us a message through our social channels and we'll be more than happy to take a look at your connection issues for you.

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