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Can I override the wifi hub's minimal password requirements?

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2: Seeker

In order to rescue a filesystem on an embedded device, I need to fool it into thinking it is "at work" so that I can ssh into it and fix thing.   As I am at home, I thought I would just set up the secondary wifi on my virgin hub to match the same SSID and Password the embedded device sees at work. However the hub is preventing me from setting the secondary wifi password to the value used at work, because the hub doesn't think the password is strong enough.  (I.e. it doesn't contain the right number of letters or special characters, etc).

Is there any way of bypassing its determination to protect me from myself?


I just want the hub to let me choose a (slightly insecure) password for a short while.  Attached is the complaint it makes:





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Can you override the password requirements on the VF modem/router? No!  But then in order to do what you are talking about, do you need to?

I am going to assume that you have the skills to figure out what you are trying to do using ICS or another way of making a computer appear to a device as if that computer were instead a router.


*If you can't figure out how to do this, then you probably shouldn't be trying - that's not a putdown, it's a prod in the right direction!

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16: Advanced member

It's pretty crackers that the hub tries to enforce high security, but the app breaks it.

But then it is Vodafone.

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16: Advanced member

At one time the browser interface only would allow a 20 character password but the app allowed 22.

@CynricApp version 4.6.6, there is an 8 character minimum requirement, but still no special characters are required. This is on a THG3000 modem

@pwRestrictLame  I must have been tired when I wrote that. I should have said that the maximum length was 20 or 22 depending on device. Sorry for any confusion.

Hi please can you tell how you did? 

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2: Seeker

For anybody else like me struggling to get this to work. you need to now use an old version of the Vodafone broadband app. I downloaded 4.6 rather than the latest 4.6.6 then as others have said you can use a shorter password and use it on your guest Wi-Fi without having to reset dozens of devices. Why vodaphone enforce that stupid rule on guest Wi-Fi I do not know!!

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16: Advanced member

@littlebmw You asked why. Well a reasonably powerful desktop PC can workout the password of 8 characters in about 2 hours. If you had a "nosey neighbour" you could be at risk.

Hi, please can you help to how I can download the old version 4.6? thanks

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16: Advanced member

@fmconte  You have to search the internet for it, BUT you have no guarantee that what you download is safe from malware or virus. What you are asking for is risky both because of the source of the older app and that short passwords are easy to crack. I really caution you not to do this.

Thanks @Cynric , so don't have a easy way to do this? i started with Vodafone, I have so many devices with 11 characters long..