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Other broadband queries

Can't access work VPN neither my home security camera (DNS issue?)

2: Seeker


Since I moved to Vodafone both my work VPN and home security camera stopped working. The issue seems to be network setup since my camera connects and works fine when I access from home or even 4G locally. But when I go to a different area or different network, it stops working.
Also for my work VPN it "connects" but simply can't access anything.

Other weird symptom is that when I type things on google "near me" it will show London area, which is very far.

Note: it is an unlimited R216 mobile broadband since there is no broadband in my building.
The chat attendant told me there is no restriction to my account and another attendant suggested that this features are not available to mobile broadband (which is ridiculous... when I bought it, nobody said it could not be used as regular internet access. It should has some way to make it work.)

I wonder if it has to do with the DNS or IP configuration that vodafone is set for my account. Any ideas?

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5: Helper

The only thing I can think of is this:


II recently upgraded to FTTP and also lost access to my cameras. I went around in circles trying to diagnose. I ended up setting up a VPN server on my router and accessing the cameras using their internal IP. 

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13: Advanced Member

The VPN problem is that Vodafone's mobile broadband uses what is called CGNAT.  Because you end up with multiple users sat behind a single IPv4 address with Network Address Translation happening at both the ISP and client. some services struggle to connect properly/reliably.  The best solution is to try to persuade Vodafone to issue you with a static IP - this is not a standard part of the mobile broadband package and they may want to charge you..

This should also cure the issue with your security cameras.  A quick search for "VPN and CGNAT" will show that you are not alone!

As for Google's "near me", IP addresses themselves contain no geographic location, instead your location is looked up in a (frequently wrong) database.  If you allow high definition location services in your browser it will in many cases fix this.  Having an IP that doesn't appear to be in your location does not affect internet performance!


@Ripshod On FTTP, even with a dynamic IP, it's likely to be a configuration issue with the cameras, port forwarding (ugh), or UPnP (double (ugh)!

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