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2: Seeker
2: Seeker


I've had a particularly bad experience with VF from the very start of taking over the contract from my ex (please see previous post). 


I have been trying to leave VF for over the past month now. On initially calling, I was told I needed to pay my outstanding bill  - I had already paid, but this never showed on my account, i'd already lost hours trying to sort this out with VF customer service so ended up paying it again. Was told someone would cancel my services the next day. -never heard anything back from that so called VF again. Was told again that my account would get cancelled (was told it would happen there & then this time) - I now have an email saying I have another bill outstanding + a £5 late payment charge.


I just want to leave VF and not hear from them again as i've already wasted/lost hours on the phone/chat and none of my issues ever get resolved. I've never witnessed such bad customer service. 


Where can I made a complaint? I'm not calling VF one more time as they've wasted enough of my time.



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13: Advanced Member
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Community Manager

Hi @AC3 thanks for explaining what's been happening - I'm sorry to hear about the poor experience you're now having trying to close this account and with the payments being applied. 

We'd love to help get everything sorted. Please get in touch with my team via social media so we can look into it further - if you include a link to your post and your community username, you won't need to repeat yourself either. 

You can see full information on our Customer Complaints Code of practice here

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