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Epic games cant fetch any download information

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

This problem only started to occur once I got home from holiday, and everything was working perfectly before that time. I know its not purely epic games' fault as everything works fine on my mobile hotspot ie. i can download games and also verify game version. This issue is also only for epic games. Windows can fetch and download updates with no issue, alongside steam and nvidia geforce experience. I've already changed the DNS to open dns( Any help would be appreciated


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Disable all and any instances of IPv6 on the router. 

can this be done just by unchecking the box in the properties section for the network?

Needs disabling everywhere. Just disabling it on the network means the router will still attempt to make connections over IPv6. 

Okay, will do. In the meantime can you explain why this works?

IPv6 is new to Vodafone. As we all know new means we are the beta testers, and as it stands now vodafone's implementation is full of holes.

I suffer various chat problems, others have experienced mobile apps failing, some can't connect to game servers.

I do know that once the bugs are sorted there will be no reason to not turn it back on

so i went onto the vodafone network settings and disabled ipv6 in there, still not working. Is there anything that i have missed?