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GRANDSTREAM HT801 config details

4: Newbie

I've just received my GRANDSTREAM HT801. Can someone please point me to a link with the exact details of what information I need to enter into the configuration?


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@User110920Have you searched this forum as this has been discussed before? After that if there are any outstanding issues please return here a post your question(s).

This is the link I found but it's still unresolved

When I posted here previously, someone said that this router is confirmed as working with the GRANDSTREAM HT801


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@User110920  OK, I've had a dig and found two more resources, I hope the URLs below open on the correct page for you as some of these go on for many pages. Fingers crossed.



The first link is a 14-page thread with the necessary info embedded somewhere in there. Hasn't anyone created a guide that you can just follow instead of having to trawl through all this info?

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16: Advanced member

@User110920  This is how forums like this work. Grandstream have a user manual available to download, if you don't have it, and I have had a quick glance at it but it's not the most easy read.


But is there a step-by-step guide to every device on the market? No there isn't. The people on here are volunteering their time and experience on a best-efforts scale.


On the 2nd page of this link there may be some more info


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16: Advanced member

The second link @Cynric posted in his second reply is long winded, but contains all the info you'll need to get this set up on your ATA, including some screenshots of all the setting from working units along with fault-finding errors. You'll see there what we went through for this.

Of course you have got your sip details from vodafone? 

Followed the instructions but can't seem to get it working.


Port Status: 
Port FXS

Hook On Hook 


Registration Not Registered

When I pick up the phone handset I hear an alert saying, "device not registered".

Managed to get it registered but can't hear anything when a call comes through. It's just silent. Can't make outbound calls either.