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Google nest wifi router & point

3: Seeker
3: Seeker


I was wondering if I can get some advice on about connecting the google nest wifi. I have ordered the google nest router and should receive it soon.  I was just doing some research on how to connect it before it arrives.  I've read that it can be directly connected to the Vodafone router via Ethernet and if I want to turn of the wifi on the Vodafone router there is a bottom I hold on the VF router for 5 seconds. 

My first question is to get the best out of the google nest wifi router shall I stick with this route or shall I buy a modem ?


If so what modems are recommend and if I was to get a modem will it be easy as just removing the old VF router and replacing it with the new modem ?


Apologies about all the questions. 




16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Knowing the exact model would be helpful - Google Nest devices can be problematic....

So the easy way of using Google Nest Wifi is probably going to be just setting it up as a WiFi replacement.  If you did want to use it directly then you'd only need a modem if you are on a VDSL plan (router plugs into the phone socket).  Even then some Google Nest WiFi devices don't do VLANs and so you potentially need to use a network switch to inject that VLAN.


The problem you are facing, rather than how you are trying to fix it, could be enlightening.





Thank you for the response.  The router is the THG3000. I have the adsl line attached from the telephone socket on the wall straight to router. So if I understand correctly I shouldn't need a modem ? 


Thank you 

On the THG3000 if you have a cable from the red "internet" port on the router to the phone socket, AND don't have a cable from the blue "WAN" socket to a device on the wall, then in order to use a third party router you would need a modem (or to have a modem built into the router - which Google Nest devices don't have).


If you decide not to use the Google Nest Wifi with your existing router, then you'll need to get your username and password from Vodafone in order to use your own modem.  

Thank you. 


Yes I have the red Internet port from the router to the phone socket. 

So in this case I would need a modem as I will be using the nest wifi router.

in order to do this I will need to purchase a modem? Do you recommend any in particular for this set up? 

And once I have the modem I need to get a username and password from vodafone. 


Thank you