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Great Promise by Vodafone Broadband

3: Seeker
3: Seeker
I can’t believe a company like Vodafone can’t keep promise. Before making a Broadband contract in 1st Nov 2023, a Vodafone salesperson promised to give an Amazon Fire 8 tablet as a promotion gift however had not received it until now.
Since the Broadband installation date was moved by your team side, you guys sent me email that I am going to get the compensation fees of 5.83£ per day.
They emailed me again at the end of October that I would get total compensation of 69.96 £.
Although I complained to you guys several times via chat or call, I still haven’t got the tablet or the compensation fees and it’s already over 3 months.
After receiving several replies from Specialist care person, they said they will raise an issue to internal team and we have to wait 3-5 working days. Now it’s been over 2 weeks after so called Specialist care, the result is still not change and always to wait 3-5 days. I did not understand that 3-5 days from Vodafone team meant 3-5 weeks or probably 3-5 months.
What a shame for Big company with big community.
Don’t cheat on customers if you are not going to keep the promise!
Nobody is asking for promotion when we choose the pro broadband.
This is how they response to Pro Broadband customer with a contract.


Hi @phyokyaw15 Thanks for you post. I'm really sorry to see you've been left feeling this way, I'd love to help get this sorted. Please could you drop my team a message on the social channels found here so they can take a closer look? Just let them you've contacted us here too. 

Now, they didn’t even contact me from mail.

May be Special Care person  needs 3-5 working years!


Have you received a reply now @phyokyaw15? If not, we're sorry about this! Please could you send another message? 

Not yet!

My unique reference number is 93481481.

Community Manager
Community Manager

for security reasons we're unable to discuss your account with you via a public forum such as our Community. If you pop us a private message via one of our social channels, one of our team will be more than happy to provide an update on your complaint.