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Help connecting netgear wifi extender

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have a netgear wifi extender AC1200, previously used fine with a BT router.

Since moving to Vodafone the extender cannot access the internet, it continually says the password is incorrect.

The password is not incorrect, as I have meticulously entered it and checked it matches, as well as proved it is the correct password as I have copied and pasted the same into the direct wifi connection to the router and got online fine, but when I copied and pasted same into the wifi extender's connection and it says incorrect password.

I have completed a factory reset of the netgear -multiple times- to be sure, reconnected via wps, it connects to the router but it just wont accept the password.

This seems to be an issue with vodafone's router as a google brings up multiple people complaining of the issue when changing routers to vodafone, and it is not their password entry error and they near all say they have done a factory reset too as instructed and they say they get stuck with the same problem as I have.


thankyou for replying, but having checked multiple times I had done absolutely everything correctly, and having had a netgear extender work with the BT router and not the vodafone, and having managed to easily link within seconds a different brand extender, it was clear the problem was vodafone's router connecting with netgear and there was no way to fix it. If anyone else finds this thread they can save themselves the umpteen hours trying and trying to connect something that doesn't connect and send it back for a refund and get a different model.

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16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Going back to the phones, the current BT HD Dect handsets will connect to any HD Dect base station - which is what you'd expect as they are/were rebranded Panasonic handsets!

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

They definately couldn't at one time. (which was strange, as that was breaking the rules around DECT)

Do you know when they changed? How can a user identify which model they have? Any useful links that give further details? (feeling lazy at the mo, I'll try searching for myself later)

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi. I commissioned a new Vodafone router yesterday. All plain sailing EXCEPT I ran into precisely the same problem in getting my trusty old Netgear EX2700 to accept the router password. Here's the solution (at least for me, using an elderly ThinkPad running Windows 10. (And once fixed, all our iPads, Android phones etc worked perfectly too):

1. Factory reset the extender with a pin. It took 7 seconds for me before the lights blinked. I'm not sure this was essential but, hey, it took 10 secs so no big deal
2. Connect the extender to the laptop using ethernet cable kindly in the box with the router (thanks Vf)
3. Leaving the router powered up, press the "wifi" button for a few secs so the wifi light goes off. If you don't do this the next step will fail.
4. Open your laptop browser (I use Chrome but I don't think that's relevant) and key in into the address bar. If you haven't done step 3 you'll get a "connection refused" message.
5. You'll then find yourself in the NetGenie web pages (stored inside the extender) and you just navigate onwards to the "select network" page. Your new Vf network won't show - because you turned it off in Step 3)  - so do the reverse of Step 3 and turn it on again.
6. Refresh the "select network" page in your browser and, hopefully, the new network will appear
7. Select it and follow the instructions to enter the new Vf network password.
8. Unplug the network cable and proceed to establish the network on all your devices which will, by now, accept the Vf network password.

I hope this works for some folk. It certainly worked for me.

Thanks so much - I’ve been coping without wi fi in the back of my house but will dig out the extender and give this a go 🤗

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Thanks for the info @donald4270. I'm sure this will help others.