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IPv6 via HE Setup VDSL2

4: Newbie

I have created this separate thread as IPv6 is still not working on VF BB VDSL2/network
to help others set-up IPv6 connectivity on their devices.

- requires registering

When I register I am then asked to create new Tunnel and
a] Set IPv4 Endoint (Your side)

b] pick up a location from North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania and Middle East.


Is the a] option mandatory? What happens when my WAN IPv4 that is dynamic with Superfast 2 changes?

When b] I set Tunnel Server in the UK, can that be later on changed to other EU state to experiment?

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13: Advanced Member

An IPv4 endpoint is necessary - it's your end of the tunnel!  It does not need to be a static IP - for security purposes a dynamic IP is preferable, otherwise, you are just creating an additional vector over which your router can be attacked!


Most IPv6 tunnel configurations will also require that your IPv4 endpoint responds to an ICMP echo (ping).


When you have a dynamic IP address, there is a mechanism in place that allows you to use a modified DynDns to update the IPv4 Endpoint.  *Running this on an Asus router with Merlin firmware its possible to update the endpoint using a script and so continue to use DDNS conventionally.


I'm not aware of the ability to change the Tunnel Server address - it's not something I've ever tried.


*No exploitable addresses appear in this image*No exploitable addresses appear in this image

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