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Milton Keynes routed via Manchester, high latency - Gigafast Broadband 900

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16: Advanced member

In my experience 2nd line just have a longer checklist/flowchart. Can't see them helping with latency problems.

Good luck though.

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4: Newbie

I managed to get through to an extremely helpful person at voda second line support who escalated it to 3rd line. He took ownership of the issues and liased with 3rd line and city fibre on my behalf.  He ran detailed tests and was able to identify the issue.


It was all going really well until the whole thing was brickwalled by the senior network engineer at cityfibre who believes pings under 100ms are all considered good.


If anybody wants to take it further, you could highlight the fact that city fibre themselves often quote the fact that their service offers lower pings than standard broadband. You could argue that its misleading as their senior network engineer openly states that we should expect pings of upto 100ms on city fibres network.


An easy way to test this is to ping or


If you do it on a standard voda connection it will be under 5ms. If you do it on a city fibre / voda connection, it will always be over 10ms.

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16: Advanced member

Well I'm on a standard Vodafone FTTC and pings to both Google and Cloudflare DNSs were 17's/18's/19's and one 29.

So if you were getting sub 5ms you were very lucky,

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2: Seeker

So interesting update, while my internet works flawlessly and i've had no issues with Cityfibres connection as mentioned in my last post, the pings were higher than FTTC. Since this week, through no requests of my own, no talk to vodafone or cityfibre about the issue, because honestly the pings were great even for gaming.


This week my ping dropped. Here is a look at my avg google pings that were once through manchester to london, now straight to london it seems.


weekly ping ping ping ping


Can't complain about this, connection is still great and no issues. I also havent rebooted my ONT/router in weeks or months even and this just happened without me noticing until i saw this chart today.

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4: Newbie

Thank you to everyone that contributed, especially cr4zy & purrbox for their very helpful comments.


I have spent weeks to get to the bottom of this, and now my pings to Fastly LHR (the CDN pop in front of are sub 4ms consistently (they used to be 14ms) and none of my packets are getting lost. I am still using Vodafone + CityFibre for my primary internet connection, but I now also have a secondary FTTP connection with Trunk Networks + BT just so that I can have access to decent support. My internet has never been better.


I have a new router - MikroTik RB5009UG - which really helped with packet loss. Who would have thought that Unifi UDM Pro cannot hold its PPPoE? Well it's true, and now everything works exactly as it should.


I am also running an instance of on a wired Linux host, and can tell with a 2s precision when there are ICMP timeouts on the gateway (a.k.a. packet loss). And because I have 2 gateways now, I can compare Vodafone + CityFibre against Trunk Networks + BT. Notice the brief packet loss on Vodafone as I was typing this: 


So what about the change in latency? On the 10th of December, 2021 at 3:38am, this changed for me. It used to be a 11ms to Fastly LHR (the CDN pop in front of, and then it changed to 4ms and stayed the same ever since:


This is an mtr to the same endpoint as my original post:

                            Packets               Pings
 Host                     Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
 1. unifi.localdomain      0.0%    51    0.2   0.2   0.2   0.3   0.0
 2.           0.0%    51    0.4   0.4   0.3   0.5   0.0
 3.            0.0%    50    3.1   3.3   2.4   3.8   0.2
 4.         0.0%    50    4.3   4.6   3.8   7.7   0.5
 5.         0.0%    50    4.7   4.4   3.7   4.8   0.2
 6.           0.0%    50    4.5   4.3   3.2   4.7   0.3

If you are curious about the entire story behind this, tune in:


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