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Need help - Vodafone contract.

2: Seeker

I need help

I am a Vodafone customer for thMobdro e last 3 years, recently I moved to another city and Vodafone said you can't cancel the contract as we support the new adVidMate dress as well.

more than a month now and no internet, they just keep saying the issue with the government and we are in contact.

I am working 100% online and now this costs me a lot.

I am in Bavaria, as in other states, you can cancel your contract if you aren't satisfied, but unfortunately, this is not the case in Bayern.

Any help?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @GlanePito 


The forum here is UK help and support, you need to speak to your service provider,  Vodafone  Germany. 


If you ask this question on the Vodafone Germany Community forum here: Vodafone Germany Community you will get a good response with direct help and support .

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17: Community Champion

Hi @GlanePito 


What an awful situation to find yourself in.

Although many countries share the Vodafone Brand they are not linked so unfortunately the Vodafone Social Media Teams can't advise.

Do however look in your contracts Terms and Conditions for any relevant clauses.

Also look to any official support bodies that can advise you on where you stand.

I'm sure your countires Vodafone Support Department has a complaint process.

I wish you all the best with this situation.

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