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New Vodafone Broadband app

3: Seeker
3: Seeker


I recently updated the Broadband app from the Apple store and now I am unable to log into the app without the error message saying "Something unexpected error has happened".

My understanding from emails about the updated app is that I have to enter the login details that I would use for logging into My Vodafone.

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue as I have tried calling support and web chat but they are being vague saying it might be a glitch in the app and it might sort itself out.






Hey @gordy0141 I hope you are doing well! Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? If you have and it hasn't worked, please pop the Social Media Team a message so they can get this raised to the My Vodafone Team for you. 

Hi Steph 

Thanks for your reply

I have done that many times and still get the same result I will contact the social media team and see how I get on from there. 



Thanks @gordy0141 

4: Newbie

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I don't have specific information about a new Vodafone Broadband app that may have been released after that date. However, Vodafone, like many other telecom companies, regularly updates and releases new versions of its apps to provide enhanced features, security, and user experience.

To get the latest and most accurate information about a new Vodafone Broadband app, I recommend checking the official app store on your device (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) for any updates to the Vodafone Broadband app. Additionally, you can visit the official Vodafone website or contact Vodafone customer support for the most current details.

If there have been updates or new releases since my last knowledge update, you should be able to find relevant information through these channels..................


Hi James 

thanks for your reply 

I received an email from Vodafone to say that the app would be updated around the 20th No ember and once it was updated in order for me to use the app I would need to log in using my Vodafone account details. 

since I have done this have not been able to log onto the app



I have the same issue and have logged a complaint - again.

Since March 2023 I have been on almost daily calls  with Vodafone to fix the same login issue with the inbuilt Alexa set up within the app, this is now just being replicated to logging into the app altogether. 

initially was told they were looking into it just to find out they were not and as they can’t be bothered fixing they now removed the service.

All fine, but what next of this is now affecting the actual app? Are you just going to remove the app from the users all users since you can’t be bothered fixing the issue customers have been replying since 2020 looking at the forums?

installing and reinstalling does not work, resetting the router does not work, I have been trying it all just to please the team that was “trying to solve the issue” almost every week since March 2023. They  just don’t want to spend money on resources for an actual fix. With Alexa, pull out the service, what now? Just ban us from purchasing the service altogether?

Hi Thaisbr

I've had no issues with logging into the broadband app before the update in November.

I'm not sure about the Alexa part of it I haven't used it or seen it tbh.



Alexa set up required logging into the app… I guess now that this is required to log into the app when this wasn’t the case, more ppl will face the issue.

I have had the same issue.  Very frustrating.

Have VF given you details on how to fix this problem?


many thanks