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No broadband plan showing up in account

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I changed over from BT on 1st May to Vodafone, with the open reach engineer installing the hub on that day. The broadband is up and running and has been fine. When I login to my account online it says that my broadband plan is unavailable and if the problem continues to contact Vodafone. I can also not login to the app as it says no broadband plan is linked to the account. I have tried to use the online chat multiple times since 1st May to try and get the problem sorted but it has not been after being assured I would be able to see the plan details 3-4 hours or even 7 working days later - not sure which is true!

I have ended up going into a Vodafone shop to talk to someone there. The sales assistant there was able to find my account and said that the broadband order is classed as ‘open’ for some reason, and would need to be closed for the plan to be linked to my account properly, and from what he could see the plan has not officially started even though my broadband is working. He couldn’t do anything in store so gave a number to ring for the broadband team. I rung them on Saturday and the guy I spoke to said he had processed the order to be complete, give it a couple of hours and I would be able to see the plan details - this didn’t work. I’ve tried asking for help on socials and had no reply and I’m just at a loss at what to do now!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Amityville! I'm sorry to hear that your broadband plan isn't showing in your app or online account at the moment. If you've contacted us through Social Media, a member of the team should get back to you shortly and then they'll be able to check on the status of the order for you 😊