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Other broadband queries

Openreach and 4G

3: Seeker

I asked this question to a Vodafone salesman but he seemed more interested in trying to sell me broadband and I don't think he actually understood my questions.

I currently have Sky broadband and it is truly dreadful. The connection is more unstable than the Gaza Strip and after 18 months of around 10+ engineer visits, 3 different Sky Q Hub Routers and connection drops between 10 to 50 times a day, and my kids shouting at me every time it drops like I am some kind of Broadband Gandalf who can magically make it work again, my patience has gone. So I am ditching Sky and thinking about going with Vodafone Broadband (as I already have all my household mobile phone contracts with them). Now I have 2 questions. I know that, like Sky, Vodafone use the Openreach network, does this mean that I am going to get the same problems as I have with my Sky broadband now as I will essentially be using the same network? Secondly, I like the idea of the 4G Broadband Back-up dongle, but where my house is, i don't get the best mobile network signal and struggle to get 4G on my phone, usually pinging between 4G and H connection. Does this mean the 4G dongle won't work properly?

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16: Advanced member

Unfortunately I have to say I think the answer to both your questions is yes.

If the broadband problems are due to the Openreach network I would say you are far more likely to get them fixed via Sky than Vodafone.

If you struggle to get a good 4G connection on your phone then the 4G backup on the router is likely to be poor also.

I fully understand your frustration that Sky have not been able to give you a reliable broadband service and your desire to try someone else, but Vodafone will probably be worse. (O.K. that is just my opinion, but I came here from Sky and it was a very bad move.)

If you want an ISP who really are customer focused it would seem Zen will go that little bit further to resolve problems, but they are more expensive. (Only what I have read, I have no personal knowledge of them)

Good luck with whatever you chose to do, and let us know how it goes, it's always nice to get a follow up.

Especially if it's good news.😀

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