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Super Wifi Boosters Keep Resetting

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Hi all


I have VF Pro Broadband for about 12 months now. The router is downstairs at the front of the house & they supplied me a booster which I positioned downstairs at the back of the house.


I home work in a spare bedroom upstairs at the back of the house & about 6 months ago had dropout issues so VF wifi Experst sorted me with an additional booster which I positioned upstairs in my workspace - this is almost directly above the one downstairs at the back of the house.  I numbered them Booster 1 & Booster 2 & they connected in that order.


A couple of weeks ago, I kept having dropouts & when I looked at booster 2, the white light was flashing red.  It would then reconnect after about 30 seconds but the devices that were connected had 'hunted' for a new signal so everything was connected to Booster 1 or the main router.


I got back onto the wifi experts who did some checks and sent me another booster but I don't think its that. I've moved booster 2 a little bit nearer booster 1 and it still occasionally drops out and then connects directly to the router with a 'Poor' signal. I've swapped them around to make sure its not a faulty booster, moved an Alexa that was near to Booster 1 and still getting dropouts.


That only leaves a faulty router but that never drops out itself & I can't see any error messages in the log.


Has anybody experienced similar issues - I'm wondering if the router is man enough to handle more than one booster and if that could be the issue.




Further Update


So, I persisted for the last 12 months of my contract with one booster of Vodafone Pro Broadband and it seemed reasonably stable with one additional booster connected to the router.


My contract ended about a month ago so moved over to BT with their Smart Hub 2 and a couple of Wi-fi discs towards the end of April.


I must say, speed is the same as it’s using the same copper wires to the cabinet - around 30 mb. This was never the issue with Vodafone.


Both BT discs have maintained connection to the Smart Hub 2 with no dropouts and are positioned in exactly the same place as the Vodafone Boosters had been 12 months ago.


My only conclusion is that the Vodafone Router isn’t powerful enough to handle throughput from more than one booster particularly when lots of data is moving on the mesh network.


Hoping BT get their finger out now to get FTTP to increase overall speed but we do seem to manage and we do quite a bit of streaming and gaming with 2 teenagers in the house.

Exactly the same situation. 

I have changed to BT and everything works now! I can only conclude that Vodafone router can't take the boosters. The equipment is not suitable. I will try to take this to ofcam

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3: Seeker

These boosters are utter crap!

We are about to have our third one in under a year as they just stop working and will NEVER reconnect to the router no matter how hard you try.  The broadband phone app is a total waste of time and developed by idiots who have clearly never set a booster up.  You can have the booster well within range and the app will just sit there spinning around for up to 6 minutes at a time before giving up.  Utterly frustrating and enough for me to tear up my contract and go elsewhere!



Hi @exuser, I'm sorry to see you're having trouble with your Wi-Fi Booster and the Broadband app. So that we can take a look and help you, please reach out to our Broadband team. You can contact them via webchat or you can call them on 0333 304 0191 from any landline or mobile.