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Using Tenda MW12 Mesh via PPPOE to ONT Cityfibre

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Having lots of dropouts on my Cityfibre FTtp Gigafast using my Tenda Mesh connected to VF router. I normally have Tenda app in Bridge mode and WiFi off on the router.

I've now tried connecting Tenda MW12 primary node directly to ONT after receiving my pppoe credentials. The Tenda Mesh found the connection but had no internet.

Do I need VLan 911 adding or are my nodes just not suitable.  This is the Tenda app settings.


 any suggestions appreciated 👍


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I'm not familiar with that brand, but in the settings look for "VID", "VLAN" or "VLANID" and set it to "911".

Im hopefully getting a Linksys EA9500 router as a link between the Tenda to replace the VF router. Cant find anywhere in the Tenda appn to enter VLAN :Sad_face: .  Still getting very flaky dropouts on my Mesh.  Might be the mix of nodes. 

Got 3 MW12 and 2 MW6 and 1 MW3 in the mix. Although they are meant to be backwards compatible maybe they just cant cope with Gibabit.? 

Changed my Ethernet cables to Cat7 too.  I might add Im in a 3 storey house and we have 2 Sky Q minis using the ethernet cables to the Nodes.

It just seems the Tenda App just loses connection at same time.  

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

You're right. I've been through the tenda manual and it lacks a vlanid setting.

The linksys user guide makes mention of setting the internet connection up without actually describing it. I can't find a full manual. I hope it has VLAN settings.