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Vodafone Pro Fibre

2: Seeker



so on Tuesday  my fibre should be going live I’ve received my router dongle and WiFi extender and been told to plug my dongle into the side of my router and apparently when the internet goes off the dongle kicks in and I can still use the internet.


the other day I plugged the dongle into my laptop and it worked fine I plugged it into the router as directed and connected to the Vodafone router WiFi and the internet light flashes white if I remove the dongle the light goes red when it flashes white there is no connection the dongle has a solid purple light to indicate a 4g connection 


I spoke to live chat now I’m being told it doesn’t work in the router as it’s not supported but the Vodafone pro package states when the fibre goes down the dongle comes active with the router 


can anyone confirm as bt has a dongle which works in the same way



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16: Advanced member

There was an earlier post which posed the same question. Their dongle didn't work on the router until the service became active.

Using the dongle on a stalled Gigafast Pro ins... - Community home (




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