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Vodafone refusing to pay compensation

2: Seeker

Hi all,


Sorry if this is in the wrong place as it's my first post.


I have had a horrid time since signing up for Vodafone fibre. I originally placed my order on the 14th on January and was given an activation date and engineer visit on Wednesday the 9th of February. This was the first of three missed engineer appointments.


Fast forward to Tuesday the 12th of April, and my services were finally activated. I would have left Vodafone long ago, but due to the automatic compensation scheme, I was due enough to cover a year or so of the bill so felt it was worth it to stay.


I know this wouldn't go smoothly, and received my first bill a month ago for the full monthly amount, which I paid. I queried about compensation and was told it would be on my next bill. Fast forward to this months bill, and of course no compensation, so I contacted Vodafone again via Twitter and was given the following reply:


" I have checked out your account and as you mentioned your service is a VFP/ FTTP connection. For this type of service auto compensation is not in place as of yet but due to the delay in activation and the times you have contacted to get this resolved I would be happy to add the maximum amount we are able to add of £40 as a credit to the account."


I can't see anything about this on the compensation page. In fact, it says the only time compensation won't be paid is if it's a CityFibre VFH account, which mine is not.


Can someone help with this? I feel like they're just trying to fob me off.  Under the auto compensation scheme I am due a total of £393.72. An offer of £40 feels insulting.


Thanks for your help.



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16: Advanced member

I'm wondering if it is because it is FTTP. This document states that "Vodafone (joined 3 November 2021) (for customers on the Openreach network only)", but doesn't say FTTP is excluded. Automatic compensation: What you need to know - Ofcom

Perhaps take it up with OFCOM?

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