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WiFi 6

2: Seeker

Has anybody else had problems with wifi 6 clients when using the vodafone hub router? I have superfast 2 broadband, in case that's relevant. Recently bought a new windows 10 laptop which should, in most respects, be better than my old one.  However, I've noticed that it is struggling with wifi - seems to have a poorer signal than the old laptop esp on 5ghz (despite being in exactly the same location of the house) and seems also to have a much more variable signal with frequent dropouts.  For most tasks it's not a problem (email, browsing) but it is really causing me problems with MS Teams meetings, which I do a lot of.  It's basically unusable for those meetings, which is a major problem.  I've also got a work laptop, which is a surface pro laptop, and that seems OK wiht Teams, as was my old laptop (again, used in exactly the same part of the house).
I've been trying to figure this problem out, without a great deal of success, but the problems with the new laptop don't seem to occur on ethernet, so it seems to be a wifi issue. The new laptop has wifi 6, which the old one didn't have. I also believe that my work laptop only has wifi 5.  I understand that the vodafone router is wifi 5 too.  So, I am starting to wonder if there is some kind of issue related to connecting a wifi 6 client to the vodafone router.  Everything I've read says that they are meant to be backwards compatible, so maybe I am clutching at straws here, but it is driving me mad.
Anyone else had any experience of this, or know anything?
Thanks in advance,

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Generally, WiFi6 devices will perform the same or better than WiFi5 devices when connected to a WiFi5 router such as the THG3000.  

You do however get occasional specific compatibility issues, one of which exists in some Intel WiFi6 cards fitted in laptops, if you have one of these try using the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant 

There is also the unfortunate fact that some laptop WiFi is just plain abysmal and so even using a micro-USB WiFi adapter can improve performance.

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