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Will Vodafone send me a single bill for broadband mobile?

2: Seeker

Will Vodafone send me a single bill for broadband mobile? Or is it one per service?



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Community Manager

Hi @pmuir 

Unless you request otherwise, all your services will be on one bill. You can view a full breakdown of your bills as follows:

👉🏻 My Vodafone app

- From the home screen, tap the Billing icon next to TOBi
- This will show you a list of your latest bills
- Tap on a bill to see your Bill breakdown
- To download a PDF to your device, or see an itemised list of charges, choose View your PDF bill


👉🏻 My Vodafone account online

- Log in to your My Vodafone account
- From the navigation menu, choose Billing
- Choose a service under Bill breakdown to expand an itemised list of charges
- Or, to download a PDF, choose View your PDF bill

If you need to have separate bills for any reason, please come and chat to us on Facebook or Twitter

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