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SSL Certificate issue

When I visit disqus.com it states the certificate is invalid. That's simply not true as it clearly validates https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html#hostname=disqus.com This has only happened since I switched to Vodafone on Friday so presuming it...

Connect two business lines/sites together

Hi,Not holding out much hope here, but I have two offices each with a Vodafone Business Broadband line.  Is there any way to connect them together, using a VPN on the VOX3 routers?  Can't see any options for configuring VPN.Ideas?Thanks

dbyers by 1: Seeker
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Customer service lied

For a week now I tried to cancel my order. Spoke to customer service everyday and each time I'm assured that order/ contract has been cancelled and still somehow my account is still active. Canceletion was due to Vodafone failure to deliver the route...

JLe by 2: Seeker
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ASUS router - Help

I have just bought an ASUS router model rt-ac51 u.  Tried to set it up just now and from what I gather, it doesn't have a DSL modem inside so am I correct in thinking this won't work until i purchase one? Reading a few forum posts that are similar, s...

mt92 by 2: Seeker
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Need Remote CCTV Access

Hello,I am just transferring to Vodafone broadband.Everything works fine except remote access of my CCTV system.I made port mapping on Vodafone THG3000 router, and I can access my CCTV from LAN, i.e. via home WIFI.I have been reading multiple threads...

BillZhu by 3: Seeker
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Moving home

I've spoke to a gent overr the phone today, I've had to cancel my broadband, he said for my new address vodafone do not supply as my address isn't on the system and that another address was showing under that post code which didn't include the house ...

CWHITE88 by 2: Seeker
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We have had Fibre laid in our streets in Cove Aberdeen over 6 weeks ago, our area has not been completed so cant order, problem is they have started in another area, and not finished our area, anyone know when we will gets this completed.

Bigeck62 by 2: Seeker
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