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Hi Why won’t my IPVanish VPN work not connecting but dose if switch to my 4g , so what happens to sort this problem out ? Many thanks ...

Larky32 by 2: Seeker
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Router dropping devices

I've been with Vodafone broadband for almost a month now. The first 10 days  everything worked fine. All devices that were WiFi connected worked when used. The last week devices drop off the WiFi randomly. It's not usage and number of devices connect...

Trouble using corporate VPN

Hi, I've recently started a job , but I'm working from home due to Covid-19. I can connect to the corporate VPN with my work laptop ok to start with, but it drops every 20 or so minutes meaning I can't use Outlook or access files on Teams. It still t...

Kirsty79 by 2: Seeker
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Installation query

I'm looking to join Vodafone - I'm living in a shared house with a few others and do have permission from the landlord to add my own broadband if I want. Im on the first floor in the house, is there a way to specifically get it installed into my room...

Faulty Router?

Hi, Recently my internet has been playing up.  The router is connected to the internet all the time with no issues and showing a good speed (around 30Mpbs) however after about a day I have to reset the router as the 2.4Ghz Wifi becomes really slow.  ...

mkinross by 2: Seeker
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Apple device keep disconnecting from wifi

Does anyone have any problem connecting their Apple devices to the Vodafone broadband? All my Apple devices keep discounting crazily to a point a can’t stay on for more than 2 minutes! I tried connecting using me Samsung tablet and it seems to work f...

CHLOEYAP by 4: Newbie
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Port Forwarding help

I know there are many other threads about thisand I have read the all, but my Ports are still not open. I am testing if the ports are open from a different  network, I have Static NAT/DMZ on, I have disabled all firewalls I could find, but still no-g...


This Forum - suggested changes

As the FTTH/FTTP Gigafast customer appears to have different and specific needs on this forum, I'd suggest a new section for these users, There are confusinging posts mixed in this forum which make searching for answers or support a real pain . I'd a...

Broadband cancellation

HiI have recently cancelled my home broadband, was within my 14 days. I have had many disruptions and many sites are blocked. I was told that the services will be cancelled immediately (within 24/48 hours).  Can anyone tell me if this is true? Is the...

HR123 by 2: Seeker
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