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Data error problem

2: Seeker

I'm Jiyoon Min and bought the 30 euro big value bundle on 1st February.  Now, I have a problem about connecting and using my data. My data amount available to use is 20 GB per one month because I've purchsed the 30 euro big value bundle. But, I experienced the error on connecting to Vodafone from today noon even until now and my data what I  purchased on 1st February and scheduled to expire on March was reset to zero. So I can't use my data anymore and experienced inconvience today. On my phone record, I used only about 4GB data. This problem has to be solved as soon as possiable. Please reply at real time.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @0102MIN 


You mean the Vodafone UK £30.00 Big value Bundle that comes on promotion wth 60GB data.


If you added the bundle on 1st February, this should be value for 30 days.


Unfortunately, there is no account access to  the forum, to get this solved you are going to need to go through the Customer Services channels here:  Contract Us

You can try calling Vodafone on 191, but due to telephone lines being closed for tonight you will need to call tomorrow morning.

Altermatively try the social media channels here: Contact us for account specific queries 

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