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Pay as you go

Failed Top up for my number

3: Seeker


  The transaction of my top up failed, the balance of my credit is still 0, but my e-banking app shows that 10 £ has been deducted from my credit card account ( A foreign bank credit card).

  I want to know how could I deal with this irritating issue? Besides, what could be the correct way for topping up?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Kaeyon0912 


There can be a delay before the credit is added to your balance and you may find the top up added later tonight.


Your bank account will show two balances, pending and available, at the moment this will be a pending payment and if unable to be claimed by the merchant returned to your available balance.


Vodafone can usually only accept payment from a UK registered card, with mobile top ups being a high fraud concern, overseas banks won't authorise the transaction.


The way to top up are here: Top Up 

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3: Seeker

Thanks, so I just need to keep waiting for the refund and switch to another payment method like Paypal?

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17: Community Champion

I would suggest to speak directly with your Banks Customer services to see what's happening with the funds.

If Vodafone haven't collected then it should go back into your account in around 7 working days.

There are several ways to top up with using your myvodafone as another option.

Personally I prefer using a top up voucher which are available from lots of outlets.

All the available options to top up on Vodafone Payg are clarified in Pay-as-you-go/Topping-up/How-can-I-top-up-my-phone-or-another-number. 

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