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How can I register my Visa debit card fot top up payments

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I am trying to use my debit card to top up my Vodafone payg. It appears easy enough, but:

1) when I try to register the card in the My Vodafone app my bank authorises it, but the card does not appear in the app.

2) when I register the card via the Vodafone account web page the card is shown on the website but again it is not shown in the Vodafone app. When I try to top up I just get diverted to register my card over again.

I would like to continue using Vodafone but if I can't make payments what can I do?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @joe_reece there can be a slight delay in your details updating in the app. I can see you've advised the card is showing in your account online. Have you tried to top up your credit, or purchase a bundle there? The PAYG section of our web page offers more information on how to top up your credit. 

Thank you.

Yes, I have tried topping up via the website. Again it just starts asking for payment card details all over again rather than using the details it already has. I have gone through the entire process 7 or 8 times over the last 24 hrs checking carefully for typos etc. Very frustrating.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

There is a maximum number of times you are able to top up in a 24 hour period using the same card @joe_reece , if you have tried the same card 8 plus times it will be rejected.  There is also an additional sting in the tail, your bank may have picked this up and as fraud protection they would be refusing payment, you need to check your bank, they may have stopped your card.


Try using an alternative card, it may go through, the other alternative would be a different top up method.  If you are topping up online first clear all your cookies and cache.


You may find the first payment goes through, there can often be a delay and the transaction held in a queue.  

I haven't topped up at all, that is the point. The card is not being "rejected", it is simply not being offered by either your website or app as a means of payment, that is where I stop. I could quite probably pay by entering all my details over again as a one off payment but that would just be kicking the problem down the road for a month.

Hey Joe, I think it might be useful if we look into your account to see if the cards are being saved but just aren't displaying. Please could you reach out to my team here