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Pay as you go

How to recovery my sim

2: Seeker

I have lost my sim How can I recovery it?

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17: Community Champion

Contact customer services via Live Chat or the numbers in contact-us   or the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries.  and they'll block your lost sim and send you a new one out.

When they send you the new one it may not work because of the account block so contact them again to have the block removed @ra7878 

If you lost your phone as well they'll be able to block the phones imei as long as the phones been used on the Vodafone network


Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B.

Samsung One Ui 2.1  / Android 10.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Buds.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @ra7878 


Please see here: How do I get a replacement SIM? and here: SIM swap and activation 


@ra7878  If you are just wanting a PAYG SIM and the number is not important to you, follow this link:  How do I order a free Pay as you go SIM? or a Vodafone Store will have supply of PAYG SIMs.  You only need to cancel the previous SIM if there was a lot of credit.  If you transfer the number to the new SIM any credit on the lost SIM will also move to the new SIM.



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