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Pay as you go

John Lewis Rewards Voucher

2: Seeker

Yesterday I thought I would redeem my Rewards points and with 2100 to spend I picked the £10 John Lewis voucher. Filled in the form to redeem and submitted only to get nowhere and nothing. The webchat bloke said try again today as he said he refreshed/reset my account or something.

Just tried again and there is no £10 voucher now only one for £20 with 4000 points!

Not having much luck here, as tried to use these same points on a Webshop £10 voucher never worked so couldn't use and had to ask for my points to be put back on my account.....

What's going on? Not impressed.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Lollyjj 


Very Me is replacing Vodafone Rewardz as from the 27th September and I wouldn'tbe surprised is Vodafone are discontinuing some of the Rewards in readiness for the changeover.  Further info here: VeryMe Rewards is replacing Rewards on Pay as you go 


Speak to Vodafone through the Customer Service channels, they will be able to help to spend your points before the closure.  The link is here: Contact Us 

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