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Migrating number from Vodafone PAYG to Business Account

2: Seeker

Vodafone have just informed me that I can't migrate my PAYG number (which I've had for 15 years) to the business account of my new employer - got to be kinding right?

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17: Community Champion

Was this live chat or an agent on 191 @IRTYLER  ?

Did they give a reason ?


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17: Community Champion



I am not sure of the reason for Vodafone being unable to transfer a PAYG number to a business contract, I would imagine if the business contract is in the name of the company they would need to make the request or the number would need to be on a consumer contract and going the change of ownership route to business.  There is further information on change of ownership here: Transferring your number and agreement  If the business account is Corporate, it would be a different procedure and any transfer of number would need to be done using an internal PAC.


However, there have been previous threads on the forum where a personal number has been transferred to a business contract and the employee leaves the company and for security reasons the employer is unable to return the personal number.


A workaround would be to set up a divert from the business contract to the PAYG number, understandably not ideal.


I would recommend following this thread for direct help and advise from the Social Media Team : Contact Us 

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